About Community Research Foundation
Improving and Enriching Lives

Community Research Foundation (CRF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.  The organization has two primary purposes:

  • To design and operate programs focused on the treatment, education, and rehabilitation of individuals with mental health problems who may also have co-occurring substance use problems in a way that is culturally sensitive, and will promote recovery and decrease the stigma of mental illness and co-occurring substance use problems.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • To conduct scientific research which is designed to assess the quality and appropriateness of services, and continue to discover and implement innovative ways of working toward the ultimate goal of recovery from mental illness and co-occurring substance use problems.


CARF Gold Seal of Accreditation www.carf.org

CARF International accreditation demonstrates a program’s quality, transparency,
and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served.  CARF International is an independent,
nonprofit accreditor of health and human services in Behavioral Health.
The following CRF programs are CARF accredited:


Downtown IMPACT
Del Sur Crisis Center
Halcyon Crisis Center
Jary Barreto Crisis Center
New Vistas Crisis Center
Vista Balboa Crisis Center
Turning Point Crisis Center
Areta Crowell Wellness Recovery Center
Douglas Young Center
Jane Westin Center
Heartland Wellness Recovery Center
Maria Sardiñas Center
South Bay Guidance Wellness Recovery Center
Crossroads Family Center
Douglas Young Youth & Family Services
Nueva Vista Family Services
Mobile Adolescent Services Team