Law Enforcement Trainings
Law Enforcement Trainings
Improving and Enriching Lives

PERT provides extensive mental health training to public safety (law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical, emergency communications). The purpose of PERT training is to facilitate understanding of effective and compassionate response to persons in crisis while maintaining safety. PERT training is certified by the California Commission on Police Officer Standards in Training (POST). Training is offered in formats as described below.

PERT Academy- The PERT Academy is a three-day intensive training that provides officers 24-hours of POST continuing education units. PERT Academy covers topics including an overview of PERT history, policies and procedures, mental health sign and symptom recognition (e.g., mood, psychoses, suicide prevention, substance use, Excited Delirium, cognitive issues), legal considerations, cultural factors, consumer panel, and a community agency resource fair.

PERT 8-hour Training - This training presents an introduction to PERT services as well as an overview of how to effectively respond to persons in crisis. Training segments include de-escalation, suicide prevention, responding to persons beset with psychoses and mood disturbances, and a consumer/family member panel.

PERT Crisis Response Training (CRT): This 10-hour highly interactive and experiential based learning format focuses on practical tools to respond effectively and compassionately to those in crisis, while concurrently maintaining safety. Training methods include use-of-force scenarios and Force Options Simulator. Officer safety issues are addressed by law enforcement Defensive Tactic instructors.

Advanced Officer Training (AOT) - This training facilitates awareness of how officers can utilize PERT when encountering persons in mental health crisis.

PERT also provides numerous in-services, line-up trainings and briefings as requested.