Law Enforcement Trainings
Law Enforcement Trainings
Improving and Enriching Lives

PERT provides an extensive mental health training program to law enforcement. This program is offered in several different ways described below.

PERT MENU Training- This is an introductory class taught at the regional police academy to introduce officers to PERT and provide them with an understanding of what PERT does and how. This course is highly recommended as a pre-requisite to ride with a PERT clinician. MENU courses are taught several times a month.

PERT Academy- The PERT Academy is a three-day, 24 hour long intensive training to law enforcement that is Police Officer Secondary Training (POST) certified providing officers 24 hours of POST continuing education units. The PERT Academy covers topics including an overview of PERT history, policies and procedures, mental health sign and symptom recognition, lectures on mood disorders, psychotic disorders, substance abuse disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, cognitive disorders, developmental disabilities, Cultural and recovery considerations, communication and verbal de-escalation techniques, assessment of suicide, suicide-by-cop, mental illness and legal considerations, personality disorders, child/adolescent issues, a panel of consumers (NAMI panel) for presentation and question and answer session, and a community resource fair.

The PERT Academy provides officers with a solid foundation of mental health education and provides them with resources that they can help consumers utilize when they respond to mental health calls in the community.

PERT Training Day- PERT conducts a quarterly training day for all PERT clinicians and any law enforcement officers who desire to attend. Training days consist of various topics and in-services by mental health agencies in our community.

Advanced Officer Training (AOT)- AOT is training provided at the regional police academy on an ongoing basis that provides officers ongoing education. PERT provides training at AOT on a weekly basis regarding the PERT program and how officers can utilize PERT when they encounter individuals living with mental illness and for those they encounter in crisis.

Various trainings as requested by law enforcement- PERT provides numerous in-services, line-up trainings and briefing trainings as requested by our PERT partners.