PERT Committees
PERT Committees
Improving and Enriching Lives

PERT Round Tables- Round Tables meet monthly and are designed for law enforcement officers and community agency staff to collaborate on cases requiring additional problem solving and assistance by law enforcement. The meetings are held in regional areas of San Diego County and are attended by law enforcement, PERT clinicians, and representatives of mental health/social services agencies.

PERT CRF Division Board- This Board meets quarterly and is comprised of members of CRF's Executive Team, representatives from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and community stakeholders. The purpose of the Division Board is to address operational and fiscal matters. The Division Board Chairperson is Karen Gurneck. The other members are: Judy Wasik, Anita Fisher, William Maheu, Karen Wheeler, Linda Hammond, Ph.D., Jack Farmer, Ph.D., and Mark Marvin, Ph.D.

PERT Advisory Committee - The PERT Advisory Committee meets on a quarterly basis and consists of law enforcement, consumers, family members, providers, hospital partners, and PERT management. The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide a forum for feedback, problem solving, and enhancing public relations between PERT and the people that we serve. The members of the Advisory board work collaboratively with PERT management to improve PERT operations and to provide a forum to discuss any pertinent issues. The PERT Advisory Committee Chairperson is Judi Holder. If you would like to join the PERT Advisory Committee, please contact Chairperson Holder at

PERT Coordinating Council- The PERT Coordinating Council meets quarterly to review PERT service delivery and to develop or revise any major policies and procedures impacting the PERT - law enforcement collaboration. The Coordinating Council is comprised of command level staff from our law enforcement partners and PERT management. The Chairperson for the PERT Coordinating Council are Commander Jesus Ochoa, Coronado Police Department and Captain Tom Aguigui Co-Chair, Oceanside Police Department.