Practicum, Trainee, Internship and Postdoctorate Programs
Practicum, Trainee, Internship and Postdoctorate Programs

CRF offers a wide variety of training and supervision opportunities for students at the practicum, trainee, internship and post-doctorate levels.

Our organization has longstanding relationships and school affiliation agreements with behavioral health and social service graduate programs at many universities including, Alliant International University, San Diego State University, University of San Diego, California State University at San Marcos, University of Southern California, University of Phoenix, Azusa Pacific University, National University and many others.

Students who are interested in a practicum, trainee or internship placement at a CRF program should follow their university's policies and procedures.

If you are interested in a practicum or internship experience, please research our programs by clicking on "Services" at the top of this page to find one that meets your needs.  Contact the program of your choice and ask to speak with program management staff to check for availability and discuss next steps.  If your first choice does not work out, please research our other programs and follow the same steps.   .  Applications are accepted throughout the year, unless defined by a university's application process.




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