Community Research Foundation services are delivered in a culturally-sensitive manner, utilizing a wraparound approach for children and a psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery approach for adults. Individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use problems are welcomed, and an integrated approach is utilized to address both the psychiatric and substance conditions. The strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences of clients and families/significant others are considered primary in carrying out this mission.
Program Region   Program Category   Phone  
Halcyon Center, License 370808454 East   Short Term Acute Residential Treatment(START) (Crisis Centers)   (619) 579-8685
Healthy Connect San Diego   Health Homes   (619) 507-9333

Toll Free:
(833) 573-0376
Heartland Wellness Recovery Center East   Bio-Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program   (619) 440-5133
IMPACT Central   Assertive Community Treatment   (619) 398-0355
Jane Westin Center Central   Outpatient   (619) 235-2600
Jary Barreto Crisis Center, License 370808536 Central   Short Term Acute Residential Treatment(START) (Crisis Centers)   (619) 232-4357
Maria Sardinas Wellness Recovery Center South   Bio-Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program   (619) 428-1000
Mobile Adolescent Services Team (MAST) Central   Child, Youth & Family Services   (619) 398-3261
New Vistas Crisis Center, License 370808449 Central   Short Term Acute Residential Treatment(START) (Crisis Centers)   (619) 239-4663
Nueva Vista Family Services South   Child, Youth & Family Services   (619) 585-7686
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